The two songs written for F.O.R: are dedicated to Laurence Moury (Willems from her maiden name) and Rudy Moury.

Quickly, the lyrics from “The queen of envy” (the first of those two songs) disturbed me because it's widely exaggerated, things evolving, I wrote “The queen of beauty… …I apologize” (the second one) by covering some exaggerations while actualizing the situation. Though there are still some exaggerations that, with some decline, disturbed me and still does.

“The queen of envy” and “The queen of beauty… …I apologize” has been publicly interpreted for the first time the eighteenth of July nineteen ninety eight at the “Carlo-Levi” cafe by the band “Épiphora” that later on has been named “cueille la nuit”. The interpreters are: J., Pierre, ΚΦ (that only interpretted the first of those two songs) and myself.

Then, I decided to keep those songs for myself.

Knowing that Laurence and Rudy would be present at the last Black Swords' gig at the “À Batton Rouge” cafe the ninth of October nineteen ninety eight, I asked to two Épiphora's members that are also Black Swords' members, that is to say B.Iron (Pierre) and ΚΦ, to interpret “The queen of envy” and “The queen of beauty… …I apologize” with me as a band (without name) opening for Black Swords.

For the marriage of Laurence and Rudy, I decided to rearrange and then to record at the “studio ‘nous faisons avec ce que nous avons’” (that still didn't have any name) “The queen of envy” and “The queen of beauty… …I apologize” to offer them a demonstration with those two songs at their marriage. It has been entitled: “The queen and the king of a day” (it's only after I founded this title that I founded the name: “F.O.R:”). I also offered them a videographic tape containing the footage of those two songs in the two aforementioned gigs. The audio tracks from those lives versions of those songs have been added to the demonstration.

This last one (contrarily to the videographic tape that was an unique copy) has been edited in five copies, one for them and one for each interpreters of those two songs that are, in a form or another, on this demonstration. This all (recordings, masterings and jackets of the videographic tape and the demonstration tape) has been finished on Octobre tenth two thousand.